Company Profile

Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group, Inc.was founded in Toronto in 2013. Its IPO is on NASDAQ (VEDU) in May, 2022, becomes the first Canadian enterprise IPO in USA as an education-technology compound. It is the largest private-sector education group in Canada. Visionary Group builds an ecosystem surrounding its theme cluster of education, technology and industrial development.

Through its 10-year history, Visionary Group continuously innovated and developed, gathered institutes of high-school, college, career-education and universities, recently developed education-production fusion, with a technology innovation park, a virtual visual production studio center, a wellness industrial training center and a smart logistic practice center. It established North America, Europe and Asia subsidiaries with 100+ partners in the world. In the meantime, Visionary Group actively participated charity events, donated millions of dollars and goods to support education development.

Visionary Group Education-Production is an innovative enterprise model. Dedicated training, on-job-training, on-demand training, precision supply-demand-match. The goal is to serve the world community, as built new and wide paths for Canadian domestic career graduates.

Visionary Group owns 5 buildings zoned in education and business, totally 20 acres of lots, up to 600,000 square feet of indoor facilities, which hosted 2 colleges, 3 high-school academies, 1 youth art center, 1 cloud education platform, 1 wellness industrial demonstration center and 1 smart logistic practice center. The group corporation’s assets is over 200 million CAD, which is the optimal hardware starting point of education development.

Management Team

Fan Zhou

Chief Executive Officer, Ph.D.

  • - Renowned expert in career education with more than 20 years of experience on international education management.
  • - Exceptional knowledge and experience in managing public companies, especially in developing strategies, business administration, and acquisition.
  • - Contribution to the training of more than 100,000 IFM and ICAD.
  • - Having donated more than 1 million CAD over the last 20 years.
  • - Received Peace Prize of the Chinese Association of the UN and the Education Excellence Award of the UN International Collaboration Agency.
  • - Recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Award.

John Kuhn

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Ph.D.

  • - 23+ years of experience in major Canadian enterprises and Toronto Municipal, in administration, finance, economic development, operations, marketing, sales, and engineering.
  • - Enterprises: CFO of CyberDefense AI, who offers next-gen authenticated firewall solutions. CEO of Doscom Enterprises Ltd., who provides strategic consulting and management to small-to-mid sized health enterprises, governments, and the private sector.
  • - Government: worked 17+ years for Ontario Province and Toronto Municipal, as a senior manager in Breakthrough Technologies, liaising to corporations and setting up the Innovation of Ontario program. At the MaRs Discovery District Innovation Lab, he had 7+ years managing the government of Ontario’s Cyber Security Branch, responsible for risk and privacy assessment. He managed business and government investment projects in the environmental and health sector. He reviewed businesses for private sector and government funding programs.
  • - Education and Research: Mr. Kuhn received his BS in McGill University, MS in Engineering from Concordia University. His further graduate study extended into Applied Mathematics at the University of Florida. He is a fellow with the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN).

Katy Liu

Chief Financial Officer

  • - Bachelor, York University.
  • - Senior International Financial Manager (SIFM).
  • - Rich experience in financial management, accounting and internal control.
  • - Former CFO of the Canadian Opera for 15 years and CFO of the Gardiner Ceramic Museum for 17 years.
  • - Recipient of Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Harry Lee

Vice President & China Chief Representative

  • - Master Degree in International Management, Oxford Brookes University.
  • - Director & CEO of Griggs International Academy China Co. Ltd.
  • - Expert in managing international K-12 schools including 4 American high schools in China.
  • - Renowned expert in international education and immigration industry with more than 20 years of service and management experiences.
  • - Chief Representative of Oxford Brookes University (UK) in China for 16 years.
  • - Working with hundreds of universities, colleges and schools all of the world for more than 15 years.

Jin Luo

Chief Engineer, Master Degree

  • - MS in Computer Science California Institute of Technology
  • - Being inventors of 2 US invention patents (2000), 6 China invention patents and 5 China IC mask work author rights (2007-2010), many academic papers in top international science journals (1987-1992).
  • - A co-inventor of FusionDSP (configurable multicore VLIW Parallel- processor architecture and EDA (published 2008).
  • - Startup in Shanghai and Beijing in EDA and IC engineering, and a DSP under US VC with international teams in Boston (MA), Rochester (NY) and Beijing, a co-founder and VP.
  • - 2022 Started consulting a top-3 Hollywood visual effect production global company, for its founder and CEO, John Hughes' China Development. His contributions are in visual technology, virtual production (patented technology and knowhow), and cinematic literature, also covers China operation and international business development.

John Patrick Hughes

Chief Technology Director, Ph.D.

  • - Hughes joint RA&A, a cutting-edge visual effect company in Hollywood for 10 years. Won 3 Oscars Best Visual Effects Awards and 4 Oscars Technical Achievement Awards. The film win the Oscar Best Director and Best Cinematography Awards.
  • - A member of Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, a member of the Science and Technology Committee of the Academy.
  • - A member of the Digital Film Technology Subcommittee.
  • - Serves on the Board of Governors of the California Art Education Alliance, the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Human Resources Investment Committee, and chairs the Education Committee of the Digital Coast Roundtable.

Charlotte Ge

Education President, Ph.D.

  • - 30+ years of teaching and administration experience in both the post-secondary and secondary schools in China, the UK and Canada.
  • - Research Fellow at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK. Conducted research in language teacher education and professional development: discourse analysis, diversity and inclusion.
  • - Lecturer at Southeast University, China. 10 years teaching Business English, English for Science and Technology at graduate and postgraduate levels.
  • - Member of the College English for Science & Technology Curriculum and Textbook Development Project, funded by the British Council.
  • - Senior Guidance Counselor at Bond International College/Bond Academy, Toronto. 14 years providing academic advising and counseling for the students.
  • - Vice-President of Bond International College, Toronto. Overseeing the development and implementation of school policies and coordinating school operations.
  • - MA in English Language Education (for English as A Second or Foreign Language) from University of Kent, UK.
  • - PhD in Language Studies from University of Kent, UK.

Richard Ng

Vice President, Master Degree

  • - Senior Architect and Senior Engineer in Canada.
  • - Engaged in vocational education management in Canada for over 20 years, with rich experience in educational management.
  • - Renowned online education expert in Canada, having trained over tens of thousands of professionals in the architecture industry.
  • - The founder of The Vancity Institute of Sciences and Arts, which is an educational service provider recognized by prestigious institutions such as AIA, IDCEC, AIBC, BC Housing, OAA, PGO, PEO, RBQ, CMEQ.

Kelly Xu

Marketing Director

  • - Obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Law, qualified as a lawyer in China and acted as a practicing lawyer.
  • - Graduated from Yorkville University RCC College majoring in Paralegal in 2009 and obtained Paralegal License in the same year.
  • - Worked in international trade, business management and law in Mauritius and China after graduation from university.
  • - Worked as an overseas study and immigration consultant, successfully handled many immigration and overseas study applications.
  • - Founder of Lowell Academy, a private high school in Toronto, and took the position of director and Operation Manager.
  • - Rich experience of overall operation and management of the school, and cultivated many excellent overseas students who were later admitted by famous universities in Canada and the UK.
  • - Has excellent market development and administrative management skills. Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Paul Kearns

Vice Marketing Director

  • - Executive MBA University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management.
  • - Well known as an Ambassador for Sino-Canadian Relations.
  • - Fluent in English, French, and Chinese.
  • - Served as Quebec Chapter Director for the Canada China Business Council.
  • - 14 years of international management training and consulting.
  • - Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) from the Canadian Society for Training and Development (now called The Institute for Learning and Performance).
  • - TESOL Certification.

Dan Bowyer

Education Director, Master Degree

  • - Principal of Toronto eSchool, Visionary Academy, Toronto Art Academy and Toronto eLearning School.
  • - 35 years with the Peel District School Board as a History and Visual Arts teacher, a School Administrator in Caledon, Brampton and Mississauga.
  • - A ten year plus Executive Member with the Brampton Excelsior Lacrosse Club.
  • - A Board Member for the University of Toronto, Scarborough College Alumni Association.
  • - A Member At Large for the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Alumni Association.
  • - Secretary for the Ontario Numismatic Association.

Chris Xu

President Assistant, Master Degree

  • - Highly qualified individual with a master's degree in Global Management from Royal Roads University in Victoria, Canada.
  • - Possesses excellent organizational and communication skills, which make him an asset to any team.
  • - Rich experience of managing and supervising operations and various functional departments.
  • - Has experience working in supply chain management and logistics optimization at China.
  • - Has a deep understanding of operations management and the ability to optimize processes for maximum efficiency.

Board of Directors

Name Role
Marc Kealey Chairman of the Board of Directors
Dr. Simon Tang Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
Fan Zhou Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director
Honorable Peter M. Milliken Director
William Chai Director

Marc Kealey

Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • - Over 30 years' experience in business and advocacy.
  • - Active in prescription drug reform, smoke free legislation, cannabis regulation and cross border healthcare initiatives.
  • - Rich practical experience in governance, public policy and politics.
  • - A political advisor to former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. John N. Turner from 1984-1990.
  • - Was responsible for health policy and political strategy for Prime Minister Turner and was a key advisor and tactician in the federal elections of 1984 and 1988.

Dr. Simon Tang


  • - Famous M&A and fund management expert.
  • - Bachelor of Arts from the University of Utah.
  • - Master's in Global Geopolitics from Brigham Young University.
  • - Ph.D. in Economics and History from the University of California, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Minnesota School of Law.

Fan Zhou

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

  • - Renowned expert in career education with more than 20 years of experience on international education management.
  • - Exceptional knowledge and experience in managing public companies, especially in developing strategies, business administration, and acquisition.
  • - Contribution to the training of more than 100,000 IFM and ICAD.
  • - Having donated more than 1 million CAD over the last 20 years.
  • - Received Peace Prize of the Chinese Association of the UN and the Education Excellence Award of the UN International Collaboration Agency.
  • - Recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Award.

Honorable Peter M. Milliken


  • - Well-known Canadian lawyer and politician
  • - Longest serving speaker of the House of Commons in Canadian history.
  • - Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Jurisprudence from the University of Oxford in England.
  • - Bachelor of Laws from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • - Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

William Chai


  • - Over 35 years' experience in business investment, venture capital investment, fund management, and fundraising.
  • - Served as one of the founding partners of Global Call to Action Against Poverty, a nonprofit organization and global network.
  • - Master of Science in Systems Engineering from Arizona State University.
  • - EMBA degree in Business Administration from National Chengchi University in Taiwan.
  • - An honorary doctorate degree in Management from the International Academy of Public Welfare Corporation.